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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
2/23/24 10:02am
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
Trip Information (Q&A)

Who are you guys, again?
A bit of review: we are Andy, Erik and John.  As we said we're just a few goofy people that decided to do something a bit, well... abnormal for this day and age.  Thousands of our forefathers (and -mothers) did it in the past.  It's pretty certain that you've never heard of us before, unless the media got wind of our plans and found them interesting, in which case, maybe you have (and we're certainly not going to complain about that!)

John, Erik and Andy - The Stupid Guys
Erik, John and Andy -
Yes, it's the same photo because
we like it, and it's our site!

Imagine a picture of Alcatraz here -
John was too lazy to go find one,
that bastard.

What's the deal?
OK, as we've said, we're going to walk from Chicago, Illinois (well, more specifically, St. Charles, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago) to San Francisco, CA.  We figure that Alcatraz would be a cool place to end the trip, but we'll have to cheat a little and catch a ferry to the island.  Along the way, we'll be sending back information, images and, hopefully, even video for you to view on this very site.

When is this going to happen?
We plan to start the trek on Sunday, June 1st.  It was May 25th, but Erik is going to DJ a wedding the day before we leave, hehe. You can stick a pin in your calendar because this date is actually a solid one.  Also, if you wanted to stick a post-it note on your calendar with our web address, that'd be cool.  Oh yeah, and we figure the approximately 2000 mile trip will take about 3 months. Warning: It could get a bit longer if we go insane and start wandering around aimlessly.

Coming Soon:
Look here for a form to get on our mailing list.  Not for unsolicited e-mail (we HATE junk mail) but to be notified when there are new updates and other stuff like that.  We suppose that, for now, you can simply contact us directly to let us know you want to be on our list (we call it the "cool people" list.)

How the heck will you update a web site during the walk?
We'll have some electronic necessities with us on the trip, like a laptop and a mobile phone with data capabilities.  Granted, there will be many times where we'll be completely without phone service, and we'll just have to trek along until we get a signal.  Each of us will have a solar battery attached to our backpacks that will charge during the day, giving us the juice we need to keep the site updated nightly for your entertainment.  We looked into satellite Internet service, but with the equipment costing $10,000 and the service costing $10 per minute (yikes!) it really wasn't much of an option.  Without a crazy satellite connection, updates will be dependent on our mobile phone having service.  There will be times where we must simply call in our updates to our main man, Chris.

Chris - Web Masta
Our Good Friend Chris -
He's in charge of the site while
we're "out of town." No, this
isn't Sor; you can see him on
Ask Kev & Sor

Don't you guys have jobs like normal people?
Well, first, I'd never call us normal people.  As for jobs, yes we have them, but obviously we're going to have to give them up, at least temporarily.  Our job will be making it from Point A (Chicago, Illinois) to Point B (San Francisco, CA) and documenting it all on the way for your enjoyment (and ours, really, I mean come on, it's going to be totally fun for us... except for the blisters and blazing sun and bugs and... hmmm... we really are stupid.)  We'll have periodic connections to the net and we'll constantly update the site "on the road" so to speak.

Jason - Married Man
Meet Jason. He was going to
go, but got married instead.

Why, in God's, Allah's, Buddah's, etc.'s name, are you doing this?
To provide you with yet another form of reality entertainment, of course!  One answer is that we just feel like doing something somewhat unique.  In reality, it's been done many, many times by our forefathers (and/or foremothers, we'd guess) but it's just not done in today's world.  The real answer to this question will be found on the trip, as our good friend, Kevin, likes to tell us (yes, he's really a therapist; someday he'll have his doctorate and we'll worship him like the God he will have become.)

Kevin - Therapist
Kevin, our buddy/therapist
(Yes, he's wearing socks)
You can read his wise thoughts: check out the Ask Kev & Sor page

Will something good come of this (besides foolish entertainment)?
We're thinking of doing a walk-for-charity thing.  If you think our site is neat and you feel like being a kind-hearted human, you can contribute to us and the cool charity that we chose.

Andy - Psychically Gifted
Andy, planning our future with
his awesome mind powers.