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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
4/22/24 11:26am
0 Days
Walking across the country so you don't have to...

We are accepting contributions!

We might be crazy and our boots might be made for walkin', but our wallets are definitely not filled with mad money...

The trip is over and we're no longer taking contributions, but you can still Buy Cool Stuff!!

You can contribute by getting cool stuff from our online store plus you'll be showing everyone that you support us!  (You might even make friends* because your stuff will be so cool!)

* Friend-Making Effect Not Guaranteed. Warning: Bullies may try to steal your stuff.

OK, we've finally made a decision and chosen the American Cancer Society as the charity we're going to walk for.  All instant donations will be applied to the charity.  A small, ten percent, portion of these donations will be used to help fund our trip, including the expense of maintaining this site and being able to accept your contributions using credit cards (PayPal is inexpensive, but it's not free.)

We changed our pledge-per-mile policy.  Previously, pledge-per-mile contributions were to be used solely to directly fund our trip.  Now, we've decided to split the pledge-per-mile contributions as 75% to the charity and 25% to us to fund our trip and defray the costs of hosting and maintaining this lovely website.  If you want the full amount of your pledge to go to us, please let us know by noting that in the little message box beneath the pledge amount.  For those of you that donated before 8:00 PM on Tuesday, June 1st, your contributions were to directly fund our trip.  From that time on, the contributions will be 75% Charity / 25% us.  We will personally contact each and every one of you who pledges to ask for your total pledge amount after we complete this trip.

You can learn more about the American Cancer Society on their web site at www.cancer.org.  We decided to choose them because we wanted to help those with Breast Cancer, Bone Cancer, Skin Cancer, etc. so we decided, "Hey, how about an organization that helps them all!?"  Yes, our brilliance knows no bounds.

On March 31st, we had our First Contributor, Jason K., who says:
"John, you are a silly bastard. Buy yourself a shoe insert with this."

Items purchased at our online store net us very little profit per item.  We plan to use this similarly to the pledge-per-mile contributions (to remove some of the burden of the cost of the trip.)  In the event that we make far more than our total expenses end up being, we may decide to provide more of the contributions to the chosen charity.

Thanks to our friends, Jeff, Kyle, Josh and Ashley for coming up with the idea of the pledge-per-mile contribution method.  Thanks to John's old boss and friend, Ed, for the whole online store action.

John, Erik and Andy - The Stupid Guys
Us (we know you love
this picture)

See who has contributed
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If you have questions
about contributions,
please contact us.

Note: If you prefer that your entire instant donation go toward funding our trip rather than the charity, just let us know in a message to us.  You can add your message when you make an instant donation with your credit card, just as Jason K. did.  We won't display anyone's message to us without first getting their permission to do so (see our Privacy Statement, below.)

Keep in mind that only the portion that goes to the charitable organization may be tax deductable.  We will let each of you know by e-mail and/or when you make your contribution what part of it is tax deductable.

Important: We are not affiliated with the American Cancer Society.  We have to say that to make sure you don't get mad at them when we do stupid stuff - they are not in any way endorsing our trip.  We also have to say that to make sure we don't get in trouble for mentioning their name (we don't want to give their lawyers any reason to smite us with their legal fury!)  Now, regardless of that little disclaimer, we are going to give them your donations and we are walking to support cancer research!

Privacy Statement
We will not share your e-mail address or any other personal information with any organization outside of our website, unless you specifically send us a message and say, "Hey, give my address to those guys who send out loads of spam e-mail because I love getting that stuff!"  Spam e-mail drives us nuts and we will not contribute to it! 
We will not even give your information to the charity organization as the total of the contributions will be given to the charity* at the end of the trip in one lump sum in the name of all those who contributed to the trip. If you would like more information or clarification on this statement, please feel free to contact us.

* OK, so call us scum of the Earth, but we did, in fact, give the e-mail addresses of those who contributed to the American Cancer Society to enable the ACS to 1) Thank them for their support and 2) provide them with a method to acquire tax information. I know, we are some lying bastards and you should never trust us again. (Psst... we have found that trusting other humans is cool so we have no lawyer writing this stuff for us, so that's an opportunity for some silly individual to sue us for some loophole we didn't know about, hehe.) Did I mention that the ACS agreed not to hand out those addresses to anyone else or use them or any other purpose? Wow, maybe I should become a lawyer. Hey, why do those contracts have to be so long that it's like humanly impossible to read the whole thing? Oops, it's 2 AM and I'm getting off-subject. (o;