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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
4/22/24 9:17pm
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
Photo Gallery
2003-10-13 - Walking through Sacramento - Sacramento, CA

Click on a thumbnail image below to view the larger version

A symbol on one of the government buildings

Amy and Joe at the DQ, and Joe's super knowledge rocked!

And this was Andy's lovely campsite

Andy labeling me so I don't get lost

Andy with is little rock friends

Andy's label for me 2

Andy's label for me

Arnold's new hosue 2

Arnold's new house

Awesome houses too

Check out this neat little path

Compressed natural gas facility

Cool church 2

Cool church door

Cool church

Cool government buildings

Cool government buildnig archetecture

I can't remember what this said, sorry

I like palm trees

I wonder if people use this pole to staple ads to

I would so buy meat from this dood, and so would Andy

I'd love to see what porsche is under there

John and Andy heading for our first break on real grass in about a month

Look at that grass!

Nice set of old Mustangs

Not just porto-pottys here, there's also porto-sinks hehe

Of course Andy and John didn't want to check out THIS cool place

Palm trees down the road 2

Palm trees down the road

Parks, trees, bike paths, I love cali

Plaque at the base of Arnold's new house

Pony express trail marker

Really cool lighted bridge

Such petty walkways

Tall palm trees

That was my lovely campsite

Theres stuff everywhere now

These trees are really cool wall trees

This Vietnam memorial park is really amazing, I would highly recomend checking it out

This was John's lovely campsite

This was supposed to be Manlove rd

This was the beginning of a really cool Vietnam war memorial and the death of my camera batteries

Umm yeah

Under I-80

Hey, we don't guarantee that these photos or videos will make you laugh, cry, love us or hate us.  We do promise that some of them might be kind of cool.  Well, we hope you find some of them worth the photons.  Although, some of them will definitely blow chunks.  Can we say that on the radio?  Blow Chunks.  It's kind of fun to say.

Oh, yeah, sorry, back to the disclaimer: In other words, we take pictures of stuff and you look at the stuff we took pictures of.  We mean nothing in particular by taking the pictures, other than the fact that we thought the stuff was picture-worthy at the time.  If that's not a good enough disclaimer, and you're a lawyer-person and think you can do better, then fine!  Let us know and maybe we'll put your fancy bo bancy disclaimer here!

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