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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
2/23/24 11:27am
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
Photo Gallery
2003-08-19 - On Way to Sinclaire - Sinclaire, WY

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A little baby horney toad 2!

A little baby horney toad!

A mobile asphalt plant, I guess they roll these in temporarily to work on parts of the roads when they need to

A really cool lookin rock

And a little less

And it gets a little less like a road

And less still

Andy from the side, notice how he always looks down when he walks

Cool clouds over distant mountians

Cool plateau hills on one side

Cool! a bigger horney toad 2

Cool! a bigger horney toad 3

Cool! a bigger horney toad!

Fort Steele Park info

Here's some chewed up asphalt, they took the time to kill the road when I-80 went in

Hey, we found a road for Andy

Historical Marker

I-80 on the other side of us

John from the side

John had to go find the road again

Look at this weird neon cricket, we saw piles of these for about a 3 mile stretch and thats it

Me (Erik) from way too close to be like the other 2 side shots hehe

Nice dead area around the ant hill

Nice spot to lay down for a bit huh

No it's not snow, it's salt deposits, there must have been some standing water here a while ago

Not much of a road we're following

Now it's just a couple ruts with some random water puddles in them

Old badger holes I believe, very old and abandoned

One mapping software said this road was here, another didn't, I guess it's not

So we hopped the fence here since our road just died

Some neat flowers

The old park was a rest stop I believe

The road dipping down into a valley

This car was pretty sweet

This guy had a herd of Buffalo, the first we have seen on the trip, but they ran off, man they are more skiddish than cows

This was a really killer looking park, Fort Steele Park I believe

We're moving away from the mountain ranges

What is with Wyoming and it's mileage markers

Why is there a boat in the middle of this desert area

Hey, we don't guarantee that these photos or videos will make you laugh, cry, love us or hate us.  We do promise that some of them might be kind of cool.  Well, we hope you find some of them worth the photons.  Although, some of them will definitely blow chunks.  Can we say that on the radio?  Blow Chunks.  It's kind of fun to say.

Oh, yeah, sorry, back to the disclaimer: In other words, we take pictures of stuff and you look at the stuff we took pictures of.  We mean nothing in particular by taking the pictures, other than the fact that we thought the stuff was picture-worthy at the time.  If that's not a good enough disclaimer, and you're a lawyer-person and think you can do better, then fine!  Let us know and maybe we'll put your fancy bo bancy disclaimer here!

Almost forgot; these images and videos are copyright YouGuysAreStupid.com and cannot be used without the express permission of the owners (which would be Andy, Erik and John.)  On the other hand, we're not going to tell you not to send any of these pix to your friends... just make sure to tell them where you got the pictures!