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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
4/22/24 10:06pm
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
Photo Gallery
2003-08-16 - Coming Down from the Mountain - Medicine Bow National Forest, WY

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Andy resting from the downhill walk

Another mountain lake with no name

Another nice shot over the pines

Bellamy Lake and it's founder

Check out this creek with the fly fisherman

Coming down from our mountain campsite 2

Coming down from our mountain campsite 3

Coming down from our mountain campsite

Cool flowers


Even more cool flowers

How do these pines grow through the rocks

I believe that was the peak we saw from our campsite

I could have gotten farther but Andy was waiting a ways down

I love how this cliff's colors change from red to green

I love looking out over the tops of the pines

John and Andy sit on a rock for break, I took this from my rock

John and I out on the rocks on Marie Lake

John resting from the downhill walk

Just amazing

Little Chipmunk

Little white daisies

Little yellow flowers

Look at all the rocks, I wonder if they came rolling down the mountain

Look at that drop-off

Look at that glint, I'm awesome hehe

Look how clear Marie Lake is, all the mountain lakes were like that

Marie Lake creek run-off

Marie Lake's founder, she was the first woman to be elected as Wyoming's legislation

Marie Lake

Matt & Liz the environmental guy and gal informing people about the logging on the other side of the mountain

Me out on the rocks on Marie Lake

Mirror Lake 2

Mirror Lake

More cool flowers

More downhill walking, but it was neat with the pines on either side

Neat little flowers

Neat little red flower

Neat little white flowers

Nice dukes of hazzard jump hehe

Our road down from the mountain

Silver Lake 2

Silver Lake

Snowy peaks, man I would love to go check those out

Still some awesome scenery coming down from the mountain

Stuff we didn't see

The south side of the mountain

There's just lines and lines of them covering the mountain

This is just a beautiful shot, I could spend weeks on these trails

This is where we pumped water from, it was quite good too

This was about the road down the mountain and how they first made it through

Totally clear, just amazing

Used to be a lake

We had 10 miles of this downhill walking, ouch

We took a shortcut to skip over a switchback in the road

We're clearing this peticular mountain range

Yay, more walking downhill, this was a joyous walk, ug

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Oh, yeah, sorry, back to the disclaimer: In other words, we take pictures of stuff and you look at the stuff we took pictures of.  We mean nothing in particular by taking the pictures, other than the fact that we thought the stuff was picture-worthy at the time.  If that's not a good enough disclaimer, and you're a lawyer-person and think you can do better, then fine!  Let us know and maybe we'll put your fancy bo bancy disclaimer here!

Almost forgot; these images and videos are copyright YouGuysAreStupid.com and cannot be used without the express permission of the owners (which would be Andy, Erik and John.)  On the other hand, we're not going to tell you not to send any of these pix to your friends... just make sure to tell them where you got the pictures!