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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
4/22/24 11:12am
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
Photo Gallery
2003-08-13 - Curt Gowdy to Laramie - Laramie, WY

Click on a thumbnail image below to view the larger version

All of this would be so cool to camp in.JPG

Bear country, great.JPG

Cabela's No-bendium, wow

Cool peak amongst the evergreens.JPG

Cool rock outcropping.JPG

Huge boulder.JPG

I climbed up on our shade rock, John looks so small.JPG

I like this picture, it's got it all.JPG

I love how the roads wind through the mountains.JPG

It seems like only evergreens grow at the top of the rock mountains.JPG

John and Andy, the shirtless fools of the laundrymat.JPG

John and his sis Michelle in the laundrymat in Laramie.JPG

John looking on while the sun beams down on him.JPG

John made me take my shirt off for the picture, he's so goofy.JPG

Look at that rock layer.JPG

Man I gotta come back here and climb some of this stuff.JPG

Mmmmm I would love to climb those.JPG

More cool scenery.JPG

More mountain scenery.JPG

More water, this was a stream fed by a spring on the other side of the road.JPG

Mountains with sun sparkles.JPG

Not so crazy of peaks.JPG

Notice the historic target range and the warning about live rounds still laying around hehe.JPG

Oh yeah, check out that tan line.JPG

Overlooking the evergreen peaks, it's so sweet out here.JPG

Picture from the stage.JPG

Red rocks, pretty sweet.JPG

Rock outcropping without the tree.JPG

Some cool mountain scenery.JPG

Some cool trees along the way.JPG

Some more boulders.JPG

Some more cool mountain scenery.JPG

Some more huge boulders sitting on some rocks.JPG

Ted, the cool guy that hung out and talked with us at one of our breaks.JPG

The clouds seem to form over our heads, such is the way of the mountain ranges.JPG

The huge cloud in the distance is what we usually see around the peaks.JPG

The Kurt Gawdy state park ampatheater on the side of this rock.JPG

The road winding through our second set of mountains.JPG

The stairs leading up and out.JPG

There was a corral down there, weird.JPG

There was a patch of sand in there, weird.JPG

There's actually water down there, probably a spring somewhere in that marsh.JPG

There's some wide open flat plaines between the ups and downs of the hills.JPG

Theres the theater itself.JPG

These are really cool to see just jetting out of the ground.JPG

They need these huge shoulders everywhere.JPG

This entire area is all a national forest.JPG

This stretch was pretty cool wrapping around this huge hill to our right.JPG

This stuff was all along the road.JPG

This thing was friggin creepy and I wanted to be far away from it.JPG

This was a cool shot with the big hill and the clouds.JPG

This was a sweet spot to sit for our break.JPG

This was pretty sweet, the rocks are turning more red.JPG

Uh oh, Michelle left something behind hehe

Valley, mountain, and a cool sky, and yes Andy too hehe.JPG

We had awesome scenery the days.JPG

Yay, shade.JPG

Hey, we don't guarantee that these photos or videos will make you laugh, cry, love us or hate us.  We do promise that some of them might be kind of cool.  Well, we hope you find some of them worth the photons.  Although, some of them will definitely blow chunks.  Can we say that on the radio?  Blow Chunks.  It's kind of fun to say.

Oh, yeah, sorry, back to the disclaimer: In other words, we take pictures of stuff and you look at the stuff we took pictures of.  We mean nothing in particular by taking the pictures, other than the fact that we thought the stuff was picture-worthy at the time.  If that's not a good enough disclaimer, and you're a lawyer-person and think you can do better, then fine!  Let us know and maybe we'll put your fancy bo bancy disclaimer here!

Almost forgot; these images and videos are copyright YouGuysAreStupid.com and cannot be used without the express permission of the owners (which would be Andy, Erik and John.)  On the other hand, we're not going to tell you not to send any of these pix to your friends... just make sure to tell them where you got the pictures!