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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
4/22/24 9:02pm
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...


Jason: The Little People!

Saturday, December 6, 2003 - 5:51:00 AM

Well just hanging out online doing my thing the other day, I got to thinking about this whole trip and the little people whom without them they wouldnít have been any of this for them to accomplish.
Teresa. Without her to store all their stuffs and sacrifice a big part of her apartment, they would have been forced to rent a storage facility, spending extra much needed cash per month. Without her, this would have been a different story.
Chris. Without him to cover Johns stuff on the puter while he was gone, what could or would have happened? Most likely John would have taken the responsibility of Digitolle AND youguysarestupid.com onto himself for the whole trip, adding what I would have guessed would be way too much stress onto a fragile situation.
Gerard. Without him lobbying to Merrill, and other things as the walk progressed, where would this have gone, not as far, the shoes alone were a lifesaver. Again it goes back to the money, adding the extra near 130 dollar cost per pair (or so) for the shoes may have been too much in the long haul. Also, without the word getting out ahead of them, how many other days would they have lost the chance at a warm inside sleeping area or a home cooked meal? Who knows 3 or 4 extra nights outside instead of inside could very well have been the doom of it all.
I know that they did is a huge feat, but without the behind the scenes people, I feel this wouldnít have been as successful, hell it could have even been a bust. Maybe we should all take the time out of patting the boys on the back or hating the boys for being how they have always been and say thanks to the little people who did their part to make this trip successful.
Thanks all.

- Jason