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4/22/24 10:44am
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...


Jason: Oh my lordy, its been so long!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 12:00:00 AM

Hello boys and girls!

   I was talking to Erik the other day (ok like a month and a half ago) and he thought it would be cool if we all did a ďWhere are they nowĒ type journal entry.  So without further ado, where am I now!

   It is July 13, 2004.  Less than 2 months till the birth of my next child.  Now I am sure a lot of you had no idea so you get to hear it here first!  I am pretty dern excited about this although I feel like I am too old to be having a child now (I will be 30 in August)  I know, 30 is not too old to be having a kid, but I was thinking about it and when the kid graduates high school I will be 48 years old.  To me, that is way too old to have an 18 year old kid.  Ok I am boring you with my feelings on age and parenthood, when I am sure you want some details about the kid.  As of right now it should be a boy, which I know Kaitlin wasnít totally excited about, I know she wanted a kid sis, and seeing her with Gabriel I can tell she is not comfortable around little boys.  Sorry kiddo, thatís they way the ball bounced.  Sue and I haggled over names for the last few months, and I have come to discover naming a boy is lame.  Almost every boy name either sucks, is boring, or overused.  So finally we came to the decision of Xander (not Alexander, just Xander).  I like it, she agrees with it, so there ya go.  I will definitely post up when the child is born and ill link up for people to see pictures of my new hell spawn!

   Other than the new arrival, not much is new.  Which I know isnít that exciting, but hey, what can I say, this is life and itís just not always that exciting.  Iím working for the parks still; I love it there and its fun to be outside all summer. (And even better to have a natural tan in January hehe)  Hopefully in the next year or so, I am going to try to begin my return to college again, I am going to definitely take it easier this time (because of money and time) so I can do it right.  Iím not expecting this to be a quick fix to jumpstart my life, but the beginning of a plan to do better.  Iíll be studying meteorology, and work towards something involving weather.  Which has always been a fetish of mine, I love to do things with weather and whatnot.

   Well kids, I know itís not much, but thatís what I have been up too for the past 8 or so months.  I see the MLB all star game is on, so I need to change the channel before I fall asleep. 

   I wish you well kids and adults.  Jason out till the kid is born!


- Jason