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RE: RE: RE: A75/J75/E75 - 10/31/03

Posted by: Eirk
Date: 9/13/2003 11:15:12 PM
sorry, put a "think" in between "don't" and "he"

In response to:
No, he's not very computer savy and I don't he even knows you responded.

and, put me back at 35%, I've been 35% for almost the whole trip and I want to be at 35% when I land on Alcatraz island just because!

and what's wrong with everyone feeling good, I sure like to feel good, it feels, well, good, and that's good, isn't it? :)

In response to:
Are you there Kev?† Or... are you one of those PC types that see the whole world as gray?† You don't really give a c r a p, do you?† You just want to get everyone to FEEL good?† Contrary to your credo... The World is "Destruct vs Construct".† U RRRR blah!!!† Step up!!!!!† In the "immortal" words of Owl in Alice in Wonderland.... "Whhhoooo are you?"† So far... you are fluff...............

In response to:
How Ďbout this Keví?† Itís 9/11 + 2 yrs and I still get choked up at the annual memorial service.† No one does that to my country and gets to stay alive.† My flag is hanging at my house until Osamaís dead head is on my TV screen.† I think Osamaís beard needs hung in the Smithsonian.† I want any and every Qaida helper to die trying to protect him from the squad of American men closing in on his cave.† If they happen to get him alive, chain him in my front yard and let me whack him with a baseball bat every day on my way work.† Forgive me, Lord, I cannot love this man.† I am disgusted by the pacifist protesters who think they could better influence world affair for our common defense.† I get mad at a bunch of obstreperous Democrat losers who degrade our president for opening two foreign fronts against this enemy (without the dang Franco-German cowards).† Whose orders have jailed or killed over half of these Qaida maniacs and blocked any follow up attack from those illegitimate sons of female mutts.† Sorry for the rant but you were too sugary.† Have fun in your new endeavor.

In response to:
September 11 is tomorrow.† I think about it.† I remember the day when it happened two years ago.† I was driving to work and I remember hearing them announce it.

Man it is hard to believe it has been two years.† I learned a lot about freedom, my faith in God.† I will tell you this.† There is a lot of evil in the world.† But there is more good and a lot of that good stands up and defeats the evil.†

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people who lost someone they love in the World Trade Center.†

My thoughts and prayers are with the military personel that are fighting and dying so I can live in this great land.† Type on my computer this column and drive to work and have the things I have.† God bless all the military.† You guys are number one in my heart!!!! Bottom Line!!!!!†

Watching these guys walk to California has shown them and me that there are a lot of awesome, good, and kind hearted people in the world.† You continue to renew my faith in people.†

I have rejoined the St. John Neumann Student Ministry Team in St. Charles, IL.† I was a member from 1990 to 1993.† I am now back to help as an Adult Leader.† The students are awesome.† They have a fire life.† They are going to make great adults.† It is an honor to be back with the team.†

God bless all the people in this world.†

Till next time...................

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