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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Serpentine Penalty

Posted by: Meso (Web Site: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/radar/latest/DS.p19r0/si.kcys.shtml)
Date: 8/18/2003 9:48:41 AM
They have not done 30 miles of mountain roads before. There was cold rain move through while they were up there. They should be back down by now. Still raining as of this morning. When are they due in Chicago?

In response to: [br](the stealthly tomar ninja sees the oportune moment and pounces like a tiger) [br][br]i think you place waaaayy to much faith in our civil engineers...they do good work, but they are harly the most effcient people on the planet. also, in regards to the "long way to saratoga (48 mile)..." sheesh i think that you might be able to cut them some slack...l48 miles? oh my god! However will they survive two or even three days between towns? Sheesh!

In response to: [br]MAY shave miles? How many? Next town is Saratoga. Itís a long way to Saratoga (48 miles). Hopefully there are many nice campers in those 30 miles of mountain roads. If I-80 and Union Pacific civil engineers canít pick the easiest route (quickest per $ of energy spent), I donít know who can. The next journal entries should be interesting.

In response to: [br]Relax Meso. Maybe it isn't as bad as it might seem. Wyoming Route 130 heads west out of Laramie, through Centennial, through the Medicine Bow National Forest, then North to Walcott Junction where it joins I-80. Other than dealing with a little more altitude, they may actually end up shaving some miles by using this route. Feel any better? (Ref: MS Streets and Trips)

In response to: [br]This journey never really started until WY. IL, IA and NE were training. Except for leaving IL a month too late, this is their next biggest mistake. If it wasnít for a narrow window of opportunity ahead of the CA snow season, who would care? But that window will not wait for AJE. They do not have any margin for error. Maybe I am too concerned at this point. This is bad news to me.

In response to: [br]These guys have been on the ball since Chicago burbs, Maybe you should have taken your route and see who gets to Rawlins first "Walking only, No mobile assist" There is always a Monday morning Quarterback. Hea guys, don't tell anyone of your secret map.

In response to: [br]what? you thought i was going to jump on you? sheesh..quit being so paranoid...oh, wait... :)

In response to: [br]A55/J45/E35 Ė ETA: ??/??/0? Ė I am concerned AJE have made their first routing mistake through WY. Admittedly, I donít know what maps they are using and how much detail is on them. One thing is for sure. The interstate highway system has surveyed and followed the path of least resistance through WY. Before you jump on meÖI know they canít walk the interstate, but there is a network of secondary roads following the same general path. AJE have chosen to traverse the Snowy Range through Medicine Bow National Forest. Let the adventure begin.

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