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RE: RE: RE: Kelly- the Marine sister

Posted by: The Toad aka Kelly
Date: 6/26/2003 4:34:12 PM
I used to live on the north side! I'm stationed at Great Lakes, I'm 24 and yes still in the Corps. and loving it! I should be going to Miramar in a few months.

In response to: [br]Hey Kelly, nope, I am on the Northside of Chitown now... near Wrigleyville (Go Cubs!)... I was stationed in SC, NC, Okinawa, and my last week of active duty was spent in SEPS platoon, Pendleton baby! I was so happy to be back in the US.. what about you? Age? MOS? Stationed where? Are you still in The Corps? This is soooooooo weird! :)[br]~Robin:)

In response to: [br]whats up Robin...where were you stationed? you still live in STC?

In response to: [br]I am almost to the end of Andy's journal, as I figured I'd read each guy's journal individually, and I just read that -- I hope I am right here- but Jason's sister is a US Marine? Kelly is you are reading this... we need to chat! So am I! Or was, I am on IRR right now, got out in 2001. What about you? MOS? Etc, now I understand why Jason's brother asked me what MOS... this is too wild! :)[br]Post a note Kelly![br]~Robin:)

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