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RE: Sierra Nevada Update

Posted by: Erik
Date: 11/19/2003 6:02:42 PM
Told ya we'd make it :)

Patrick from The Block should be happy there's snow on the ground!

In response to:
By the way, guys. HAPPY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY! First snow hit on the 27th in the Tahoe area. Winds 20-25 gusting into the 40's hit 10/29-10/30. Temps dropped below freezing with the first deep snow on 10/31-11/1. Temps stayed below freezing until 11/4. Another snow on 11/10-11/12. From what I can tell, snow depth got to 14 with 6 still on the ground in most areas but melting rapidly. The south side of the lake is deeper. Heavenly Valley is reporting a 1-2 base at the bottom of the mountain. They open in 2days.

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