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RE: RE: Rescue Mission Complete

Posted by: Meso
Date: 6/23/2003 12:35:05 PM
FYI - The English Channel swimmers pre-define the project. They have to in order to claim success. There has already been some discussion between A/E/J about what is ďcheatingĒ. Remember the walking in circles posts. Yes, itís their rules and they can change them whenever, but too much revision degrades the magnitude of the accomplishment. Iím sure they have a sense of what success means to them and what threaten the projectís integrity.

In response to: [br]"Another clue appeared indicating these trekkers are not going to make it to SF,CA. The kindness of strangers..." WHAT!? man, if anything, the kindess of starnagers and the love of family and friends means that they WILL make it...appearantly you dont have very many healthy relationships...ya know with bea afraid to anger suposed friends with you true negative attitude and thinking that family and friends wont help later on...i must say that you have a funny way of defining success...were you saying that it wouldn't be if they had someone follow them through the desert? then maybe those people who swin the english channel should do it without their support and resuce staff in the boats beside them...man...get a grip

In response to: [br]Another clue appeared indicating these trekkers are not going to make it to SF,CA. The kindness of strangers IS allowed as they are navigating the habitat of the American People. This alone is a huge asset. A common story from other journeys like this lead travelers to the realization that people are friendly, generous and caring. So far, however, the team has obtained aid from three family sources. The first I can understand as they were walking by the home of some of Johnís family. The second was more on the order of an easy drive out to see Erik by his parents. This last was a true rescue mission for Jasonís feet but it also allowed a restocking and reorganization of all four packs. These little birdies arenít out of their IL nest yet and they have 90% left to go. What happens when they are on the other side of IA or even NE? Does it count as success if an RV follows them through NV? If Jason were to live with the results of his trip planning (was that a yearís worth of trip planning?) until he was able to reorganize in Ames or Omaha, what would be the impact on the team? Iíve already been lectured by Erik that ďitís just usĒ out there trying to juggle all the needs of the project. Maybe from now on it will be just them and the *locals*.

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