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Posted by: John
Date: 11/20/2006 10:03:17 AM
You know, when you drop the "t" off "night" and the "m" off "warm", you get "nigh" and "war" which are two actual words, which made your first sentance so awesome that I thought you were about to tell some epic story.  I thought you were stopping war last Halloween or something.  Yes, I'm aparently dumb, hehe.  And KKB sounds like a very cool guy.  You guys should hang out more so we can hear about how he used his brick wall self to destory those who would war... or something.  (o;

In response to a post by mel bay:
It was in the 70's here on halloween nigh so staying war was not an issue.
I dont know if any of you are or were big wrestling fans but I took my kid trick-or-treating that night and ended up knocking on King Kong Bundy's door not knowing he lived there but recognized him immediatly.I actually did not know he lived so close by.That was at like 7:15 pm and he told us we were the first candy pilfers to knock.He talked with me,my son and brother for a good 10 minutes.What a super nice guy.Very friendly and very willing to talk your ears off.He ended up dumping half his bowl of twizzlers into my kids bag and I can only assume he polished the rest down himself :)~
For the record, KKB is 6-4 and 450 pounds....The guy is a brick wall with legs and arms!

In response to a post by Jenny:
I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween this year. Stay warm out there :)

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