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RE: Sitting in Schaumburg

Posted by: John
Date: 10/26/2005 12:29:04 PM
Hey, that sucks about your Dad, but as Erik said, hopefully he's in a better reality now.  As for any MS certification, it's all about how fast you can memorize a bunch of crap and the fact that it's probably all emptied out of your brain by now doens't matter a bit.  (o;

In response to a post by Laurie:
Hey! I haven't checked in on you guys in quite a while. I am from Cedar Rapids but am currently sitting in a hotel in Schaumburg completely exhausted. I have been in town since Sunday night for MCSA Bootcamp and I am so ready to go home--no offense against your state! I have two tests down and two to go--one tomorrow morning and one Monday morning. I just needed a break and thought I would send you a quick message to let you know that I am awaiting your next adventure! Tracking your progress the last time around was pretty important to me as my step-dad was in the midst of a losing battle with cancer at the time. I used to give him daily updates on your trek. He passed away 2 years ago this coming January. Hard to believe it has been that long!

Well, back to the books or, maybe some food first. Tell me, this is my first bootcamp experience--are they all about just memorizing practice tests and then taking the real exam? Don't get me wrong happy to have the MCSA but wish I was actually learning something!

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