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RE: Andys alive and well!

Posted by: Dru
Date: 8/26/2003 12:53:53 AM
Uh, yeah Romey, anything of me I think needs to be approved before it goes on here since I have no idea what the pictures are of. Tehe! And did Andy tell you that I dropped by your apartment today to visit him one last time before he left? Haha! I was able to find my way to your apartment again! That reminds me...I need to e-mail you my address in VA. Toodles...

In response to: [br]I just dropped Andy off at the airport, ok I actually stopped the car and didn't make him jump...I can be so sweet sometimes. He is only two days behind on his journals which he said he would work on in the airport or on the plane. I have about 3-4 rolls of film I need to get developed and then scan since I'm not lucky enough to have a digital but hey, evidence is evidence no matter how you get it out there! :) So I hope to have that done very soon for all to enjoy......minus a picture here and there.
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