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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
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RE: RE: Meso: New Posts to Analyze!

Posted by: Orion
Date: 7/26/2003 4:40:20 AM
Welcome back and my apologies to the American Society of Actuaries (not American Actuaries Society). They're a touchy bunch and I don't want to set them off.

In response to: [br]Sorry, just drove back into Chicago tonight (as in within the hour) and am brain dead. I love the posts on WY vs UT.(I vote for NO DRIVING) CO would be different but harder... steeper/higher mountains and more zigzag = more time. Erik has said he saw the IA hills as training for WY... HA! A rude awakening is down the road. Then I thought I read on the BB a second hand quote from Andy they were planning on WY hiking trails to save time?!? After Cheyenne, routing mistakes will be costly. I must pass out... later (still A50/J40/E30-11/27/03)

In response to: [br]You've been missing from the BB. I'm guessing you're at the bi-annual meeting of the American Actuarial Society soiree and haven't been able to post. you guys get as nuts as the Shriners?

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