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more harmless questions

Posted by: Wondering
Date: 12/3/2003 1:35:30 PM
There were a couple things I wanted to ask all the guys about the trip now that you've had time to reflect:
1. Did you feel out of touch with current events or were you able to keep up on things?
2. If you could do this over, what would you do differently? (maybe you've been asked already, sorry if I repeat)
3. What about this trip are you sick of?  Power Bars, perhaps?
4.  What was the most frightening thing about this trip - tunnel crossing, kids wielding golf balls, rattle snakes, etc.?
5. What was the strangest thing you saw or encountered on this trip?
6. What one place on this trip do you want to go back and see again?

In response to:
What I loved and learned on the trip:

#01 was with 2 of my bestest friends.
#02 saw things that I've wanted to see forever
#03 learned that truckers are actually pretty cool
#04 Trees and grass were once taken for granted, never again
#05 mountains are as cool as I thought they would be
#06 deserts suck as much as I thought they would
#07 the world has so much to offer, you could dedicate your life and never see it all
#08 money can buy happiness, I know it's hard to hear, but it's the truth
#09 everyone, just once in their life, should go on an adventure, anywhere
#10 Live with someone before you decide to marry them, trust me
#11 Live a little, have fun, don't take things so seriously

- More to come, it's late and I'm goin to bed, nite nite all.....

In response to:
With the Holiday Season upon us, how about hearing some of the good things these guys have to say about each other. Everybody has good and bad (at least annoying things about them) we have heard some of the bad (annoying), now its time for some good. What was it that made you guys friends for so long? Don't let it go over words.

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