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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: now capt...

Posted by: claudeah
Date: 8/6/2003 9:55:21 AM
I never said I had a problem with it....in fact I donated $$$$$.(ACS=american cancer society) And I do intend to buy a shirt.[br][br]hmmm....what did I do to provoke your response..please read mine again. (the solidarity one....)

In response to: [br]You know what? Even if they did try to turn a profit, whats it to you? Does that somehow make their trip "impure"? Does that make them less in your eyes? Give me a break

In response to: [br]So whats the problem with that? It's not like they're pulling in a profit here.

In response to: [br]hey Capt...[br][br]i believe a small portion is going to them to help fund the trip and keep this website going..

In response to: [br]Guys all the proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society. Be sure to read the web site before criticizing ok? Also since when is America the only capatalist nation? Is France now Communist? Wouldnt surprise me

In response to: [br]even though I haven't bought anything yet (but have made a donation to the ACS), I think the merchandise is more of a show of solidarity, that we support the guys. also by wearing it, only other people will know what it is about, sort of a secret club. But then again isn't solidarity an american concept......

In response to: [br]I read about your trip in a french journal (I live in Paris) .. I like the idea .. and I dont think this is stupid at all .. what is stupid is to spend the whole day sat in a chair in front of a computer .. BUT .. why the hell did you find it necessary to be selling merchandising , T shirts, Mugs.. etc ?? to me it is a very american perversity .. youll have a mystic/initiatic trip .. get rid of these typical american/consumtion fantasies ... you'll get much more rewards for your trip than these petty dollars you'll gather through this mercantile attitude .. [br]bye for now ... have a good trip guys .. [br][br]fwed

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