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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Wallace Dixon High

Posted by: freiky
Date: 8/24/2003 12:39:04 PM
space. sorry squirrel. i thot u were jon. do u know these 3 guyz? r u like heppin them with this awesome jurney? like navigation (spl?)peace.

In response to: [br]Yeah...im a nobody that is happy to be forgotten....cept by Ali..... :) keke

In response to: [br]Squirrel Pope is Jason, John usually only goes by his real name, unless he's John Troll instead of Tolle. LOL It's so great that you guys respect what their doing. We (their families) never thought that anyone would know about them. Keep posting!

In response to: [br]i was surprized to see a response from the 3. i hope all my mates r seeing this. i know they will on monday. thanx eric for tocking to us mates. thanx squirrel for tocking to us mates - r u john of the 3? thanx guys this means alot and we still think u r 3 superiors!!! your xample makes us think that we can do it if we do it. thanx again!

In response to: [br]Erik, for the GO JOE comment, when i see you again i will hit you in the face. And ding Fenrous is 42 now. And kids, stay in school, i pity the fool who dont stay in school (if your curious about i pity the fool.....go see your parents again)

In response to: [br]Thanks kids, we're not really heros, we leave that honor to people like our armed forces, firefighters, police, etc. that put their lives on the line every day for other people, we're just explorers that know enough about technology to bring our adventure to you through the internet :)[br][br]Do good in school, I was a slacker all through school and it wasn't cool at all. That's my message for today, and knowing is half the battle, GO JOE! (if you don't know what this menas, ask your parents hehe)

In response to: [br]u guys r heros. we saw a tv program on what u r doing today in skool. everybody in our class is on to u. we think u r heros. we printed some pics from your gallery and put them on our baord at skool. a girl made some posters for us to carry home. remember the soph class at wallace dixon high when you're wakkin the mtns.

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