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RE: RE: I am an IDIOT!!---Dont be soooo hard on yourself

Posted by: Romey
Date: 9/10/2003 10:31:54 AM
Nooooo thank yoouu - I just knew how bad Andy wanted to see the pictures so I was a little frustrated.  I did get them sent to him this am though.  I'm sure he'll enjoy them as much as I did.  Thanks for all your input as well. :)

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We all appreciate all of your input!!

thanks Romey!

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Sooo, I leave work in a hurry to get to my friends house to scan the 38 pictures of Andy's stay in Iowa that I picked out to post on the web. Well my work is pretty cheap so they've only given a free yahoo address. I am only allowed to download 3 jpg files at a time and it was taking forever. So I called a friend of mine for help, knowing the guys were sitting at a library and I needed to act fast. So he had me copy them to a CD and said to come over to his house for high speed internet. Well, they just moved into a new house on a part of town I've never been which means..........I got lost. So I finally get here and hand him the disc and guess where the CD is..........yup, you guess it. At my others friends house across town. This sucks!! Sorry! I see the guys have downloaded a few journals........except for Andy who's waiting for pictures (so he says) so I guess that's my fault. That's all the excitement I have for now...so go check out their journals for some fun reading.

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