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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
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Steve Vaught has lost it

Posted by: mel bay
Date: 8/21/2006 8:55:49 PM
From http://www.fatmanwaling.com
" am going to leave San Diego and my destination will be east, that is it, just east and I will let the road dictate where and how I go. Guided by the idea of the book “The kindness of strangers” by Mike Macintyre, I am going to follow whatever path is laid before me; I will accept rides to where ever as well as the hospitality of people along the way. When such is not present I will continue to move forward by walking, I will camp when required and simply survive on God’s good humor until I reach my goal, which is to get completely around the globe, back to San Diego, on the kindness of strangers. I have faith that this is enough.

Along the way I am looking for certain things, one is my soul, another is who am I and do I have the fortitude to exist by such simple means, then the most profound is to find out what God is, to meet him on the road if such be the case. And finally the most obvious one is return home healthy, happy and wise, content to live the life that will be awaiting me then.

I am going to chronicle the journey along the way everyday this time, telling about the details, trials and tribulations, missteps and the kindness of strangers. I will also be researching for a couple of storylines that I want to explore and finally I will be filming myself and the people and places that I encounter in much greater detail than the first journey. There is no film crew this time, no book publisher and no puppet masters, just me, the world, whatever happens and you.

I asked a couple of months ago for the opinions of my “cyber counselors” and the response was overwhelming. Out of over 3000 responses the results were: 85% keep going, 6% the sky was falling, 4% hateful venom and 5% stay at home. The yea’s have it!"

Steve is one sick guy.First off anyone who visits his yahoo forum are aware that 3,000 people did not respond to his poll.It was only 43! Basically this guy is going on his own *one lunatic man march!*
I hope god does have the humour that Steve say's he needs or this guy is going to end up dead behind a 7-11 somewhere.What is the point of this trip? The guy walked his first walk to ensure that he would live long enough to see his children grow up now this lunatic is walking away from them to walk,hitch-hike,steal a bike for rides,steal some kids scooter to get to his destination or whatever it takes to get where he is going.He admits on his site that he is flat broke yet he also says in his latest journal that he is taking on no sponsers for book deals or do(expletive deleted)entaries.Basically he is going to be walking around the globe with an *organ grinder and a monkey with a donation cup* to fund this trip.This actually sounds entertaining unlike his last fraudulant walk he did.He claims he will post daily journal entries and self made video clips of his experiences.That out to be entertaining.I'll be stocking up on microwave popcorn this fall and winter :)~
Make sure you guys keep an eye on this clown.It's going to be a great show.I only hope he reopens his guestbook for this.
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