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RE: Re-post of YGAS Route Poll

Posted by: Roger
Date: 8/28/2003 3:32:00 PM
In terms of California, 50 would probably be easier since I-80 from Verdi, NV to Truckee, CA is the only road up the Truckee River Canyon, so alternate routes are a little sparse. They could follow the train tracks, but that line is used heavily.[br][br]US 50 would be nice since it would take then through Tahoe, and there are enough hiking trails on the Western side of Lake Tahoe that they can hike over the pass without getting on the highway. The drawback is that 50 through Nevada. It is known as the lonliest highway in america, with towns and gas stations being about 60 miles apart and the road arrow straight through the desert. 80 may be a better option since there will at least be gas stations/ truckstops every 20-30 miles, and a decent chance of nearby roads that parallel it.

In response to: [br]UT / NV / CA route poll...FIRST!!! Decisions need made before leaving Rock Springs, WY (US191 or WY530)or in Evanston, WY (WY150 or I80). Tell AJE which road you would choose to exit WY. SECOND!!! Which road would you take across NV: I80, US50, US6 (in the voice of Homer Simpson, "ummmm Yosemite")? Entertain the bb and explain why. I will try to keep up with the responses and post the results (for you, Erik). Peace and Health to All.
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