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RE: RE: Minority View

Posted by: ben
Date: 6/30/2003 1:05:45 PM
sdc is right i havent walked 300 miles but i did do 25 miles in one day in military(not marines) so walk awhile then comment go guys go

In response to: [br]I think that most people who are putting negative comments on this site have not had an experience that can so closely compare to this trip and so your argument, to use your term, holds no more water than the one that Dru used. Those who have and still want to be negative, obviously did not experience the trip to it's fullest extent. Why not just support these guys who are learning sooo much on their trip, and wish them luck, unless you too want to be like those CHILDREN in Cedar Rapids, and "Hope they die."

In response to: [br]I saw this flawed logic again in this bb (I think Dru used it) that says “If you haven’t experienced xxxxxx, your opinion on xxxxxx is insignificant.” On this bb it comes out as, “Unless you’ve hiked 300 miles you don’t know what you are talking about.” Or “If you haven’t taken a journey of self-discovery, you shouldn’t say negative things about this one.” I suppose the purpose is to weed out the uninformed opinion but the argument doesn’t hold water. A person cannot experience every possible scenario of life. A person can take into account all he/she has heard, read and seen plus draw parallels with similar experiences to construct a reasoned opinion. For example, one summer during my college years, I had a job pouring concrete curb and gutter. Decent money but, it was hard work and hot work. Without experiencing it, I can tell I don’t want a job laying asphalt in the summer. I can look at guys doing it and remember that curb and gutter summer and I can make that call without having to try it. So while it may feel good telling people to “put up or shut up”, remember the minority poster may have far more information than you realize.

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