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RE: RE: Wyoming versus Colorado

Posted by: Amy
Date: 7/29/2003 3:19:24 PM
I vote for Colorado as well--much more scenic even if the altitude is higher.

In response to: [br]I'm a bit biased, living in Colorado Springs, but I do believe going through Colorado would be better than having miles of nothing - just wind and a rattlesnake here and there. So as I've stated previously on this BB - I think they should go through Colorado.

In response to: [br]If the goal is to walk to San Francisco, then you're better off going through Wyoming because it's shorter and your highest elevation will be about 8600 feet at the Lincoln Monument east of Laramie.[br][br]If the goal is to have a good time, you're better off going through Colorado because Wyoming is desolate. The stretch from Rawlins to Rock Springs in particular is just ugly and windy.

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