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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
3/28/23 1:22am
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Jeremy
Date: 11/23/2006 1:04:06 AM
its been a while since i have chatted with you, and around this time i thought i would drop by and give ya some heartfelt thanksgiving spirit. hope you have a safe and happy thanksgiving day.

also, as an update, before i said how i was thinking about pushing the walk off for another year, well i was working on making it so we could still do it this year but now i am forced to push it off for at least another year. i have nobody else to walk with as of right now, tim (the co-coordinator) has made some bad choices and was risking both him AND me getting arrested. he was considering getting into the drug dealing business and he was plotting burglarizing a house. i am no longer talking to him because i dont want any part of it. so i kinda have to push it off for another year now because of the fact that the people that WILL walk with me dont even graduate until next year.

so that is it in a nutshell, i have been doing all i can and he couldnt have picked a worse time to turn into an idiot.

well, i hope you have a safe thanksgiving tomorrow..seeya.

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