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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
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Hi yall...enjoy your trip!

Posted by: Kitty
Date: 6/26/2003 9:06:52 PM
Hi from the Deep South, y'all! So great to see pics from home (I'm originally from Davenport, IA and lived near Great Lakes, IL for years when my dad was stationed there. [br][br]Even tho I did my own "journey of discovery" 12 years ago, I'm a bit jealous of your chance to walk across the country and meet so many great people. I know from my own travels, the greatest thing I encountered was the kindess of most people to strangers. Maybe that will be the most significant thing for all the guys to learn, that most people are great most of the time, and that people tend to live up (or down) to your expectations. If you go at anything, be it walking, work, or just going through your daily routine, I have found that if you expect kindness and cooperation, most of the time, that's what you'll receive.[br][br]A decade ago, I was a bit like you...a jaded ex-police reporter with a steady diet of Maalox who didn't trust much of anyone or anything. After an accident that ended my career and left me using a cane, I lit out for Europe for a month to see old college friends, recoup my health and mentally switch gears. I didn't expect much from strangers, (consider most of the people a police reporter deals with) but instead found that people who had no possibility of receiving anything but verbal thanks from me went out of their way to be kind, to help, to offer me places to stay, etc. And there was a language barrier on top of everything else! (I also experienced the "small world phenomenon" several times, which was cool, being so far from home). So expect the best of people, give them your kindness and patience, and that's generally what you'll get in return. [br][br]Regarding the messages posted here, self-examination can be a good thing, but contemplating your navel for extended periods can also leave you short-sighted and missing what goes on around you. And flame-throwing just leaves everyone burned. I've enjoyed reading of the guys' adventures since my hubby spotted the URL last month, but some of the negativity is a bit of a downer, guys. The "rules" as such really aren't that important in the overall scheme of things, and some of the tit-for-tat bickering is outright childish. Though it does lend insight into the characters of some of the posters...people-watching is a great pastime.[br][br]Anyway, hope you guys have a wonderful and safe trip, and thanks for sharing your encounters and surroundings. I'm not a fan of the so-called "reality" trash that's been sweeping the country, but an unscripted adventure is fun to watch, especially for those of us unable to get away. Everyone have fun and play nice!
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