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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
4/22/24 11:11am
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
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RE: Solo Stride June 2007

Posted by: mel bay
Date: 2/25/2007 9:26:33 AM
Gary your cause is very noble but I must tell you that a long walk isn't always the way to get you're message across.Many others have used a cross country adventure to make a statement but in all honesty only those who become a walking freak show get any recognition.Take Steve Vaught aka fat man walking for instance,He completed the walk in twice the time he anticipated and accomplished nothing that he set out to do.He allowed a book deal and do(expletive deleted)entary to be his inspiration.Today he is still morbedly obese,broke,divorced,depressed more than ever and working the over night shift driving a tow truck.Every one of these traits were reasons he was walking for in the first place.
Now lets talk about Eldon Ward aka fat man cycling.He set out to lose weight by riding a bicycle across the country.He lost a ton of it also.130 lbs I believe? When he finished his 6 month long ride,nobody was there to see his big day happen.Only his websites followers viewing his photos on his page.The guy even delayed the big ending for a day and a half to allow everyone time to arrive if they wanted to watch him cross into St. Augustine Florida.Nobody was there.Not even the press.Eldon drifted away from his site and it recently folded up.He admitted to his small flock of followers that he went through a depression after the ride and gained back the weight and probably more.
Last but not least is Gary Long.Gary admired Steve Vaught so much that he pretty much copied everything he did and duplicated his walk.He was 400 or so miles away from completing his cross country treck and took a break during thanksgiving and went home with plans to return after the holiday.That has yet to happen.He is still making promises of returning but I think the guy has hopes that his walk will become more than it really is.
Gary if you are going to do this walk you need to commit yourself to it.Stay on the path you choose and walk off it for no reason.Do not allow greed and promisesto guide you like a few trekers in the past have.Every given year there are many,many,many people taking these types of challenges.There is an old woman who makes the same pilgrimage walk every year for her cause but she gets no real publicity.Too many people do this type of thing.
What sets Erik,John and Andy apart from the rest of these trekers is that they did it without a cause.They did it because it was something they wanted to do together before their lives became complicated and more sheduled and commited to daily rituals.I wish i had thought of this when I was younger.I am sure the three of you will always have a great time remembering your trip and whether you all know it or not,You all formed a bond and "brothership" that probably will never end as long as you all are still alive.
I got a little off the trail here Gary but I hope what i said makes a little sense.Good luck if you chose to make this trip.
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