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RE: Jason/SquirrelPope

Posted by: TIK TOK
Date: 11/4/2003 1:12:41 PM
Actually,  I was being quite sincere.

In response to:
I don't think you're a jerk. I was talking to TIK TOK. Everything he/she has posted on this board is negative and/or snide comments.

P.S. I'm the one who emailed you sincerely asking for a new journal from you. I've enjoyed your presence here on the site. No foolin'.

In response to:

I havent been a jerk on the Net in a while...(ok I havent been one HERE in a while)

I mean all I posted for was cause I wasnt sure if John was getting my emails and I REALLY didnt think a journal entry explaing to John why I couldnt make it was nessisary.† So I figured John would see this here eventually.

And Tic, you would be surprized at how loveable I am as a real person and not a Net personality named Squirrel Pope.

In response to:
Has your therapist recommended that you find better things to do than be a jerk on internet bulletin boards for no apparent reason?

In response to:
Oh god...that was areal bummer...for you and everybody who wanted to meet you in person.

In response to:
Sorry i missed the party.† But work calls and there was no way for me to get out of it for the party.

So since i havent said it publicly.

To John† † Congrats!
To Andy† † Congrats!
To Erik† † Grizatz Yo!


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