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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Welcome to California

Posted by: Fully
Date: 10/9/2003 10:59:20 AM
It's interesting that now that Meso's gone awol, you are the life of the board. I wonder how John feels about your attraction?

In response to:
I wish! What a helacious day

In response to:
You drinking on the job again?

In response to:
Look at that face! How could anyone resist?

In response to:
Captain, I'm worried that all your imbibing is leading you into making some poor judgement calls† Or your just coming out of the closet.

In response to:
I didnt have any feelings towards the opposite sex until these fine specimens of man started walking. Now I go all tingly inside whenever I see Johns smiling mug on the cover of the web page.

In response to:
I'm starting to get worried, has anyone else noticed that most of the butt and "hot" comments are coming from men??† Too funny.† Hey Johnny boy, it sounds like you're in the lead for hottest buttock.

In response to:
Beause Arnold is so concerned about physical fitness, he should welcome these very fit adventurers into his state and hold them up as examples.† While he is holding them up perhaps everyone could see their butts.

In response to:
Well of course he should welcome with you.† You traveled along way to get to "his" state.†

In response to:
Technically, yes, it's true as we'll be in South Lake Tahoe this evening!† Hey, I think that means that we should get to meet the new Govenor!† What do the rest of you think? (o;

In response to:
Could the Golden State be welcoming the YGAS guys and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the very same day?

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