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RE: RE: Whats the plan for the 17th?

Posted by: Captain_Morgan
Date: 10/8/2003 11:24:45 PM
I had a buddy of mine go to San Fran to be homeless (no joke), and he told me about how free spirited it is there (although he's since come back). I'll ask him what it's like for this particular occasion, but from what he's told me, it shouldnt be a problem

In response to:
We want to be as close to the northern side of the Golden Gate and the ocean on that side as we can, but we're not sure how close we can get, do they let people camp out there? party there? do they let people camp by the lighthouse point area out there? we're open to suggestions.

And, thank you very much, we're so happy you all have joined us on this journey of ours and we hope maybe to do something in the future, you all know what site to keep checking back at! :)

In response to:
I'd love to come up to the campsite and contribute to the partying! How will we know where the guys are camped? Are they thinking of the Mt. Tamalpais area?

I've been watching these guys progress across the country for months and can't believe Oct. 17th is just around the corner! It's amazing how proud we all are of you guys...having only known about you through the website journals!

Good luck on the last few days!

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