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RE: RE: RE: Solo Stride June 2007

Posted by: John
Date: 2/20/2007 10:44:41 PM
Gary, kudos to you and best of luck!  If you've got questions, we just might have answers, so ask away!  Your 25-30 miles per day is ambitious but very doable.  Even so, it's not likely you'll be able to pull that off for the first couple of weeks (or months) unless you do some seriously intense training before you leave.  Also, keep in mind that you're going to be missing your family (especially your son) during this trip that's going to keep you on the road for several months.  Read some of Jason's journals for more on that...

In response to a post by Jeremy:
i think this is a very good cause too. my thoughts go out to your family and i wish you luck on your trip. it would be great if you could keep people updated during your walk. do you have a website set up for this? if you do it would be awesome to send a link this way.

In response to a post by Jenny:
Hey Gary. I think your idea is great. I know the guys will have a lot of great advice for ya. We'll pray for your family. All the luck to ya.

In response to a post by Gary Kuhre:
Hello, I think what you guys did is fantastic. I am doing a walk this summer from Reno, NV to Wash DC. I am doing the walk to encourage congress to make insurance companies cover autistic childrens care. I have a five year old autistic son. He is my motivation and strength. The most I have evr walked in my life is about 18 miles in one day. I have filmmakers onboard for this walk....it is really going to be a big deal I think. I would appreciate any positive feedback. For this trip the benchmark is 25-30 miles per day for over 100 days in a row. what do you think?

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