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RE: Jeremy, hows the walk prep coming?

Posted by: Jeremy
Date: 12/19/2006 4:59:14 PM
well, i'm sure you've heard about the problems that have screwed up the planning (about the Co-Coordinator being retarded) and i am now forced to push it back to 2008 so the people who want to walk with can go. as of right now it is kind of looking like i would be walking alone and i don't want to do that. i get lonesome after being by myself for an hour, i dont think i could handle doing it all myself lol.

but the planning that has been accomplished that is pretty much set in stone is the basic route we will be taking, and the basic idea of what equipment will suit our budget lol.

this is a time that i will need help planning it since i am now in it alone. if you guys would like to help with some of the planning to make it a little easier on the jeremy, that would be great. lol.

In response to a post by Erik:
You haven't said much about it, I'm anxious to know so i can toss on a pack and walk with ya for a bit. :)

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