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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Mesos 10 questions for AJ

Posted by: ou812
Date: 8/8/2003 4:22:29 PM
you seem to be the only one complaining about the question. The guys answered the questions. If they had a problem with it, I would think they would have said so. What are you celibate?[br]

In response to: [br]i just find the question irritating, moslty because it is so prevailent in the media. we are force fed all the stereotypes and whatnot constantly... don't misunderstand me in this, i'm not saying that we should ask questions, or that anything be of limits, just that we take a little personal pride and realize what the question really means. why do you want to know? for some kind of vicarious thrill? a little safe voyerisim? to me it just isn't as interesting as the people they meet and the places they go. i guess that i take certain things to be private and there are really very few things left in this world of one-touch informationgathering that are private so i say hold on to it as long as you can. also...i guess the casual sex thing does not sit with me well, because i am some-what of a romantic...i belive that sex should only be between two people who love each other enough and are committed enough to possibly start a family, cuz let's face it...that is the logical end result. so if you can not do the time, dont do the time...so to speak. [br]man that was a lot longer and more preachy post than i had intended...so i guess i'll stop here

In response to: [br]Lol! I'd have to agree with you there captain! There's some sort of sexiness in Erik's rugged appearance. Erik, I'm in VA now if you'd like to move to a new place after you get done with your trip. *wink*

In response to: [br]I agree. I would also like to add that if they would like to experience #5, I will volunteer!

In response to: [br]these guys have opened thier lives to us all of it why not ask #5[br]

In response to: [br]if it is not your question, why not let other's ask it? besides, seems a little off your usual line of reasoning...and more like gossip.

In response to: [br]#5 is not really my question but it is a recurring question from the BB. AJE have added some "hook up" type BB messages that have fed the curiousity.

In response to: [br]all except one...#5 seems to me to be a "none of your damn business" type of question...why do you even want to know that?

In response to: [br]Now these are questions that I really wouldn't mind hearing the answers too! ;) Great questions Meso! :)

In response to: [br]AJE, Reading the BB and following the journey myself, I have put together 10 questions about your experience so far. Much thanks if you could find the time to answer them. 1. Have you grown up, yet? 2. Will this experience cause you to move to a new city when its over? 3. Will this experience cause you to change your career plans or will you re-join your previous career path? 4. If ever, at what point in the journey did you think to yourself I wish I would have stayed home? 5. Have you had any xxx encounters while on the journey? 6. How much money have you made from this journey? 7. How much money have you raised for ACS? 8. During this journey, what daily activity do you find the most distasteful? 9. What do you miss the most from your pre-journey life? 10. What secret pleasure have you found in the daily routine of the journey?[br]

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