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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
12/3/20 10:56pm
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
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RE: Jason/SquirrelPope

Posted by: Squirrel Pope
Date: 11/5/2003 1:03:56 AM
I actually saved almost every email that was sent to me (minus the few that vanished when outlook exploded for no good reason)  Just so i could show there are even good people on the net.  :)

And yes i knew you were talking about her, i was just terribly bored and couldnt sleep again!

maybe ill write a journal about the latests stupid assed idea i came up with.......it makes talking the 3 of them into walking across the country look like a stroke of genius!

naww......what fun would tat be.
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