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YouGuysAreStupid.com Walking across the country so you don't have to...
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Walking across the country so you don't have to...
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Posted by: Michelle (one of johns sister)
Date: 10/14/2003 1:34:56 AM
hi all!! thank you to all the fans out there supporting my brother and the guys!! i have a request of all who are interested in seeing the guys actually be able to stay at Alcatraz. The park rangers let this happen once a year by lottery during the month of november (and it costs $1250).  I'm going to call the ranger in charge of park special uses (ranger nick) and request that the guys get to waive all those conditions (or at least the fee and lottery) and stay there as the last leg of their journey to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  What i am requesting from all of you is that you write persuasive, appropriate, requests to let the guys stay there and messages of affirmation about what the guys are doing- I am calling the ranger tuesday after 1pm. it will be great for him to have already heard about the guys, or even to get the emails after i call.  his email address is nicklavrov@nps.gov  Thank you all!! M
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