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RE: Ice cream and pictures

Posted by: Suzie Gorman
Date: 9/10/2003 6:46:02 AM

Thanks Mark, I'll tell them. -Suzie

In response to:

I know the area in which the guys are currently struggling along. To me, it's a slice of heaven, for those not familiar with arid, windy and huge country, it's a slice of hell, warmed over. Tell them to make sure to get some pictures at Fort Bridger, on the way through and to have an ice cream at Little America. - Mark

In response to:
I know its really hard for all of us to wait for new updates. (I'm one of Johns sisters.) I'm sure when they do update thier journals it is going to be awesome! The suspence is getting to me.I think you all are great for all the support your giving the boys on this journey. And yes, it seems like they are really on the move now. Thanks again for all the support, kindness and friendships. (: You are awesome!!!

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