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RE: and now for something completly differnt...

Posted by: Kelly (Jasons sister)
Date: 6/24/2003 9:19:29 AM
Dear God!!!!!I hate thinking about that, It is all very confussing to me. I do not believe in "God" But I don believe in a higher power. There is a reason that I am on this earth, and when my higher power has seen me accomplish that mission it is then when I will die a happy death, at least I hope...I have a question..What's the meaning of life???

In response to: [br]this is more of a musing post than anything...i especially would like the Stupid Guys to think and respond if they find the time.[br][br]on the nature of the universe...what is god? is there god? for a long time, i thought...maybe, but never really thought too much about it. but in the last few years if must answer that, yes..god exists. is it the christian god? the great unknowable tao? the god of islam (which is the same as the christian god i suppose)? all of the above? none of the above? are they all the same essence? i think that it is a part of our human existance to strive to know the unknowable and aproach that which is infinite, why? perhaps it is meerly the striving to know why we were created that brings us fuller into the world and lets us be fully present...i do not think that god is a genie that grants wishes, but i do think that god is always ready to help us when we need it the most...and that help doesn't always take the form of something we desire. it has be told to me by a dear friend of mine that we travel through many worlds of god in our sould existance and that this one is likened to the woom...were we are but childer waiting to be born. we are learning our spiritual selves and powers, though we cannot yet even concive of why we are given such gifts...much as an unborn child has no real concept of sight, for he doesn;t need eyes yet; of breathing for his lungs are filled and do not yet function, yet we are given these gifts so that in the next world we shall be able to see and to breath...but try telling that to the unborn child. he would not have the slightest inkling of what you are talking about.[br][br]ok...that's enough. i could go on forever...but there is a lightning storm a brewing and i dont want god to decide that no one is ready for my musings yet and strike my computer dead with a bolt of lightning. so with that i take your leave.
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